Harvest of Vettes 2000 September 17, 2000
Chelmsford Elks Gallery

Harvest of Vettes 2000 at Chelmford Elks, September 17, 2000
DCP_0769 DCP_0770 DCP_0771 DCP_0772 DCP_0773
DCP_0774 DCP_0776 DCP_0777 DCP_0778 DCP_0779
DCP_0780 DCP_0781 DCP_0782 DCP_0783 DCP_0784
DCP_0785 DCP_0786 DCP_0787 DCP_0788 DCP_0789
DCP_0790 DCP_0791 DCP_0792 DCP_0793 DCP_0794
DCP_0795 DCP_0796 DCP_0797 DCP_0798 DCP_0800
DCP_0801 DCP_0802 DCP_0803 DCP_0804 DCP_0805
DCP_0806 DCP_0807 DCP_0808 DCP_0809 DCP_0810
DCP_0811 DCP_0812 DCP_0813 DCP_0814 DCP_0815
DCP_0816 DCP_0817 DCP_0818 DCP_0819 DCP_0820
DCP_0821 DCP_0822 DCP_0823 DCP_0824 DCP_0825
DCP_0826 DCP_0827 DCP_0828 DCP_0829 Dcp_0775
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