Harvest of Vettes 2002 September 22, 2002
Chelmsford Elks Gallery

Harvest of Vettes 2002 at Chelmford Elks, September 22, 2002
DCP_2732 DCP_2733 DCP_2734 DCP_2735 DCP_2736
DCP_2737 DCP_2738 DCP_2739 DCP_2740 DCP_2741
DCP_2742 DCP_2743 DCP_2744 DCP_2745 DCP_2746
DCP_2747 DCP_2748 DCP_2749 DCP_2750 DCP_2751
DCP_2752 DCP_2753 DCP_2754 DCP_2755 DCP_2756
DCP_2757 DCP_2758 DCP_2759 DCP_2760 DCP_2761
DCP_2762 DCP_2763 DCP_2764 DCP_2765 DCP_2766
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